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Healthy Traveling

The term ‘health tourism’ refers to travelling to different countries of the world for the purpose of healthcare facilities. This process is facilitated by both tourism industry and healthcare sector. Medical tourism has become the most preferable way for combining health and wellness with leisure due to improvements in advanced treatment technology and affordable international travelling. India is one such country that is considered as the best medical destination in the world due to the above mentioned reasons.

Wellness Tourism

The term ‘wellness tourism’ is a concept that involves travelling to a different place for enhancing or maintaining their wellbeing and health and who are also looking for authentic therapies that are not available in their home countries. These types of activities may or may not involve medical facilities or doctors. These activities are basically approached for improving health or quality of life.

Medical Tourism in India


Medical tourism is increasing day by day and one can see a large number of people are opting for medical tourism in India. This tourism, widely also known as medical travel, health tourism or global healthcare tourism that covers all types of medical disease and health conditions, and it also provides affordable healthcare to one and all around the globe. Health tourism helps in combining physical wellness with leisure and relaxation in order to get a completely rejuvenated experience after the entire process.



Health Tourism :

The term ‘health tourism’ basically refers to the concept where tourists travel to a different country for the purpose of relaxing after receiving their medical treatments. India is regarded as one of the leading medical tourism industry in the world. Majority of international patients are attracted to this concept due to excellent quality of the surgical treatment options and its low cost treatment packages in comparison to what they would pay in their own countries.

Health Tourism through Ayurveda :

Ayurveda in India is a popular therapy which is over 5000 years old. The popularity of Ayurveda through health tourism is increasing day by day. India has now become the most popular destination for many Ayurveda resorts where tourists from all over the world come for rejuvenation and relaxation. Serious health problems are treated in these Ayurvedic centers and hospitals. The Ayurveda therapy depends on the belief that both body and mind have to be treated to live a healthy and happy life. Emphasis on the mind is unique to Ayurveda and is appreciated by many people across the globe. Ayurveda believes that vegetal, animal and mineral materials present on Earth are endowed with medicinal quality.


Health tourism also involves yoga meditation and spa visits. Wellness Holidays in India also provides traditional medical spa therapies. The many Luxury Spas in India offer world class spa treatment as well as other alternative medication like yoga and meditation. Special ayurveda packages are also offered in India for those who are seeking health maintenance along with surgical medical procedures.

Major Features of Medical Tourism in India :

  • 100% Trustworthy
  • Top quality healthcare services at low cost
  • Expert team of professional doctors
  • High-end healthcare and medical facilities