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FAQs to Address Your Concerns Related to Medical Tourism in India

Medical Tourism FAQs


When it comes to healthcare in India and hospital services in Mumbai, every patient is bound to have a couple of questions. If you are an international patient seeking healthcare services with The Third Eye Medical Services, you can be rest assured that you are in safe hands. 


Below, we have listed the frequently asked questions pertaining to international patient care, and we hope that they will help in making your choice and trip easy and stress-free.

With The Third Eye’s international patient care services:

“We assure you of good health and medical treatments.”

Know About Us – The Third Eye Medical Services

Our website contains all information about medical tourism in India including hospital details, accreditation, patient services, and treatment and medical procedures. Feel free to browse through our website as this will give you an opportunity to understand our international patient care services we provide. If you need any information apart from that mentioned therein, please feel free to contact our Medical Coordinators for complete clarifications.

Why I Should Opt For Healthcare In India?

You should select India for your medical treatments as the advantages for medical treatments in India include reduced costs, availability of latest medical technologies, and a growing compliance with international quality standards, as well as the fact that foreigners are less likely to face a language barrier in India. The Indian government is taking strong positive steps to address infrastructure issues that hinder the country’s growth in medical tourism.

Why Select Mumbai & How Safe Is The City?

Mumbai is tagged as “the city that never sleeps”. A cosmopolitan metropolis (earlier known as Bombay), Mumbai is the largest city of India and it is also the financial capital of India. The city is very safe even in late nights, provided you are in the major areas and not in an isolated or an outskirt place. City highlights:

Well connected worldwide
Frequent and direct flights
Shopping hub
Tourist place

What Is The Indian Country Code?

+91 is the Indian country code for dialing from overseas.

How Can I Share My Medical Records?

You may share your reports/medical records by following the steps mentioned here or by emailing the same to

I Don’t Have Medical Records?

In such a case, we request you to elaborate on your present symptoms and conditions along with past medical history, if any, following which, we will recommend the right path to you.

My Reports Are In Regional Language (Swahili/Arabic/French). What Do I Do?

We would recommend getting the summary of your records in the English language from your family doctor. In case that is not possible, we will try and do the needful.

I Have Mediclaim/Insurance/Cashless Facility, My Govt. /Company Pays On My Behalf

In either of the above cases, you need to give us the contact details of the concerned person so that we can initiate and make the arrangements for you to avail cashless benefit.

With Whom Can I Get In Touch With To Avail Cashless Benefit?

You may get in touch with Mr. Ajay Singh, our International Patient Coordinator, on or
or on +91-7738445108

What Visa Should I Obtain To Avail Treatments?

While travelling for treatments, patients and their attendants must check their visa type [Patient: Medical Visa (MV) & Medical Attendant (MX)] for getting their visa.

How Do I Get A Medical Visa?

Please send us scanned copies of the passports of the patient and his/her attendant so that we can issue the visa facilitation/invitation letter at the earliest, which will enable you to get a medical visa. We also request both the patient and their respective attendant to carry 8 copies each of their passport-sized photographs.

Is There Any Vaccine Which I Need To Take Prior To Coming To India?

All foreigners must get inoculated against Yellow Fever at least 10 (ten) days prior to applying for the Visa and must produce genuine & valid Yellow Fever Vaccination Card both at the Visa Counter of the Embassy and at the Indian airport or check-post of entry.
Apart from Yellow Fever vaccination certificate as per Govt. of India mandate, all passengers arriving in India effective 14th February, 2014, from Kenya, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Israel, Pakistan, Nigeria and Somalia, will have to carry Oral Polio Vaccination (OPV) Certificate taken six weeks prior to entry. This certificate is mandatory for both Adults and Children. All travelers from the above seven countries will be required to have a written record of vaccination (patient-retained record) for polio in their possession, preferably using IHR 2005 International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis from a hospital or centre administering OPV.

How Much Money Can I Carry?

Please note as per the Government of India foreign exchange rules (FEMA) all patients/passengers travelling to India and carrying currency more than USD 5,000 or traveler’s checks more than USD 10,000 are required to declare the same as per the Customs Declaration Form (CDF) and carry with them the CDF form as proof of currency brought into the country.

Will You Arrange For Airport Pickup?

If required, yes. Your case manager will arrange for your pick up after receiving your travel documents and itinerary. An international patient service team will send to you the name and contact details of the staffer and the same person will escort you to the hospital. In case you are unable to find the person, just make a call on the hospital number or to your case manager.

What Documents Are Required To Be Presented On Arrival?

Original passport
10 passport-sized photographs of the patient & of the attendant
Print out of communication
Previous medical records

What About My Appointment/Meeting With The Doctor?

Your case manager will liaise with your doctor & other required departments.
Your case manager will visit you daily to make your stay comfortable.

How Do I Take A Follow-Up Appointment After Being Discharged?

At the time of discharge, your case manager will pre-book your follow up appointment with your treating doctor.

Where Can I Stay After Discharge?

The Third Eye provides accommodation/guest rooms/dormitories/all-type-star hotel accommodation depending upon your budget.
Transportation will be arranged by us for emergency cases in case you choose not to stay on campus but in the hotel.

I Have Been Asked To Purchase/Use Medical Aid. How Do I Get It?

You may reach out to your case manager. Your case manager will assist you in getting the best quality and best priced medical aid.

Referred For Rehabilitation

The Third Eye Medical Services will accommodate you for the same in the hospital along with nursing care round the clock.

I Lost My Passport. What Do I Do?

Always carry photocopies of your passport. In case you lose your passport, your case manager will assist you to put you through the right officials and your embassy/consulate will complete the process of getting a new passport.

My Flight Ticket Dates Need To Be Changed

Travel desk/case manager will connect you through your airline to do the needful.

I Have Been Asked For FRRO Registration

The travel desk will assist you to complete the formalities.

Will The Medicines/Drugs Be Available After I Am Discharged?

As per the doctor’s prescription, we will make sure to supply to you an adequate quantity of medicines to carry back home.
The necessary documentation will be prepared by your case manager to avoid any interrogation at the airport.

In Back Home And I Don’t Have Specialized Doctor/Facility To Treat My Condition!

In such a case, you or your family physician can get in touch with your case manager. He/she will assist you with telemedicine/con-call facility/online chat.

My Medicines Are Over And Not Available In My Country Of Residence. What Do I Do?

The Third Eye Medical Services will courier the prescribed medicines to you, but on a chargeable basis.

I Lost My Medical Records. From Where Can I Get Them Back?

Your medical records are always preserved with The Third Eye Medical Services’s electronic medical record system. We will email the soft copies to you as and when you require them.

I Do Not Want My Case To Be Disclosed To Anyone

The Third Eye Medical Services respects every individual’s privacy and we do not discuss or disclose anyone’s ailments with third parties or with those not involved in your case.

What Is The Procedure To Refer My Relative(s) To The Third Eye Medical Services For Any Treatment?

You may get in touch with your case manager or can reach us using any of the above mentioned modes of communication. We will make sure your near and dear ones are taken best care of.

Visa & Travel Assistance

Our visa and travel assistance desk is operational 24x7x365 to offer services related to healthcare in India for international patients.


If you are a foreign national planning to travel to India to treat your medical conditions, you will require a medical visa for every time that you travel outside of your country of residence. Our medical coordinators will issue a medical letter to you, which will help you in getting your medical visa from the respective embassy.