Doctors at Jain Hospital Cure the Incessant Tremors of a 67-Year-Old Parkinson’s Disease Patient in a Wake Brain Surgery

  • 67-year-old Jyoti suffered from severe tremors in her arms and legs due to Parkinson’s Disease.
  • Neurosurgeons at Jain Hospital, Bangalore performed a wake thalamotomy to cure the extreme symptomatic neurological disease.
  • According to Dr. Sharon Srinivasan a key pathway was required to be destroyed in her brain so as to stop the involuntary tremors.
  • Dr. Srinivasan also added that one needs to be precise during circuit burning and that too which is located 8 – 9 cm deep inside the brain as any mistake can could cause a major brain stroke.
  • As the surgeons performed a specific cut, the tremors stopped.
  • Now, Jyoti does not experience shaking in her arms or legs anymore.
Source: Jain Hospital, Bangalore

Doctors at Paras Hospital Extracted Two Brain Stem Tumours from a Four Year Old Uzbek Child in a Complex Double Surgery

  • Fainting in her kindergarten class four-year-old Arnella Khachaturyan from Uzbekistan suffered from paralysis on her right side.
  • Her parents approched doctors in Russia and Germany after she was diagnosed with a brain tumor in Tashkent but did not receive any fruiful results.
  • Chemotherapy did not help and radiotherapy only deteriorated the child’s condition.
  • No doctor was to remove the tumor surgically.
  • Finally, little Khachaturyan consulted Dr. (Prof.) V.S Mehta, the Chairman of Neurosciences at Paras Hospital who adviced a double surgery.
  • According to Dr. Mehta, it was a brain stem glioma and was a rare case of neurosurgery.
  • The child suffered from two adjoining tumors in the brain stem that continued with the spinal cord.
  • As the brain stem controls the basic functions of the body such as breathing, swallowing, heart rate and consciousness, is the mediator in transmitting messages to and fro the brain and body and all the nerves passed through it, surgery was a significant challenge.
  • Even a minute injury as small as a fraction of a millimeter can lead to major neurological conditions.
  • Using the latest image-guilded brain tumor technology Dr. Mehta and his team deftly removed the two tumors in a complex surgery.
Source: Paras Hospitals, Media Update

24-Year-Old Undergoes a Double Organ Transplant of the Heart and Liver at Fortis Hospital, Mumbai

  • A 24-year-old man underwent a double transplant of the heart and the liver in a single surgery at Fortis Hospital Mulund, Mumbai.
  • The organ was donated from a 40-year-old brain dead woman who underent brain stroke and was declared dead by the time she was taken to the hospital.
  • The patient was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and liver cirrhosis.
  • While the donor heart was extracted by the head of cardiac transplant team, Dr Anvay Mulay, the donor liver was extracted by Dr Rakesh Rai, senior consultant and hepato-pancreatic-biliary and transplant surgeon.
  • Both the transplants were successfully performed by the respective surgeons in a 14 hour long surgery.
  • The lungs and kidney harvested from the cadaverous donor helped to save three other lives.
  • The lungs were donated to a patient at Apollo Hospital, Chennai whereas her two kidneys provided life to patients at INS Ashwini in Colaba and Jaslok Hospital.
Source: Fortis Hospital, Mulund, Mumbai

Paediatric Nephrologist, Dr. Alpana J. Ohri Bags the Prestigious Jewel of India Award 2018 for her Numerous Medical Contributions and Achievements

  • For her groundbreaking contributions and achievements in the department of Paediatric Nephrology at BJ Wadia Children’s Hospital in Parel, Mumbai, Dr. Alpana J. Ohri has been bestowed with the Medical Excellence Award (Jewel of India Award, 2018) by the Indian Solitary Council in New Delhi.
  • Dr. Ohri has till now received and treated 13,000 nephrology patients out of which 250 were children with end stage renal disease.
  • Having been the best graduate in her medical college she has not only earned multiple gold medals but have also bagged a gold medal in DNB Paediatrics as well.
  • Since her association with the Wadia Group of Hospitals, she has conducted paediatric nephrology clinics and OPDs, renal dialysis, preitoneal dialysis and haemodialysis.
  • She has been a pivotal part of the first paediatric renal transplant at Wadia Group of Hospitals.
Source: Wadia Group of Hospitals, Media Update

Diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes as a Child 34-Year-Old Underwent a Double Transplant of Kidney and Pancreas at Apollo Hospitals

  • 34-year-old Hitesh Sidhwani has been on insulin supplement since he was a child after being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.​
  • Lack of pancreatic secretion had affected his metabolism.
  • Over the past two years, his kidneys failed and thereafter, he had to undergo regular sessions of dialysis.
  • Doctors suggested a double transplant of the kidney and the pancreas.
  • While his wife became a donor for the kidneys, having registered at the State’s network for organ sharing Sidhwani was informed by Apollo Hospital in Chennai that a cadaveric pancreas has been found as the best match.
  • According to surgeon, Dr. Anil Vaidya, a transplantation of both the kidneys and the pancreas would help to mitigate lifelong diabetes for good.
  • The pancreas was transported from Vellore to Chennai as the patient was prepared for the transplant.
  • The donor kidney was extracted with the robotic surgery performed by urologist Dr. S. Ananthakrishnan.
  • Thereafter, in a three and half hour surgery both the transplants were performed.
  • Although the organs were transplanted from different bodies, the patient did not show any sign of rejection.
Source: Apollo Hospital, Chennai

Two GIST Tumors of the Size of a Football was Simultaneously Removed from Tanzanian Patient’s Liver and Rectum at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital

  • 32-year-old Omar Salim from Tanzania suffered from two large tumors for the past one year.
  • After multiple failed attempts to remove the tumors in Tanzania he arrived at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital.
  • The tumor in his liver measured up to 15x14cm whereas the tumor in his rectum was 24x13cm, weighing 1.9kg.
  • CT scan discovered that the large mass in his rectum pressed against the urinary bladder and extended to the outer abdominal wall.
  • Almost the complete left side of the upper abdomen was covered by the tumor in the left lobe of his tumor.
  • A diagnosis of the biopsy reports indicated rectal gastro intestinal stromal tumour (GIST).
  • Although GIST is a common phenomena in the intestinal tract, its presence in the rectum is rare and account to only five per cent of the cases.
  • According to Dr. Vivek Mangla, Consultant Gastrointestinal and Hepatobiliary Surgeon, simultaneous resection of both the tumors while keeping the adjacent organs, muscles and nerves intact posed as a significant challenge during the surgery.
  • After a month in the hospital, Salim’s condition is stable and he is good to go back to Tanzania.
Source: Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Media Update

Man with Two Hearts: Doctors at Apollo Hospital Saves Man from Heart Failure through the Rare Piggyback Heart Transplant

  • A dire need of a heart transplant for a 56-year-old man suffering from heart failure resulted in two beating hearts.
  • The patient’s heart measured to a small football whereas the donor heart of a 17-year-old was the size of a normal fist making it too small for the recipient.
  • According to cardio-thoracic surgeon Dr. A. Gopala Krishna Gokhale, the lung blood pressure of the patient had increased more than four times the normal measure whereas the aortic systole pressure experienced a drastic fall.
  • In such a scenario the doctors at Apollo was left with the only alternate option of Piggyback Heart Transplant.
  • This procedure allows the doctors to implant the donor’s heart into the recipient’s chest without removing the diseased one.
  • Till now only about 150 cases of such procedure has been recorded worldwide.
  • After a green corrider was provisioned early in the morning, the donor’s heart was taken to Apollo Hospital in Hyderabad from Karimnagar.
  • After cutting away some part of the pericardium from the donor’s heart, it was positioned between the right lung and the heart of the patient.
  • The whole procedure took about 7 hours to complete and is, as Dr. Gokhale says, a “once-in-a-lifetime procedure a doctor performs”.
  • The blood pressure of the patient is normal and his condition has been stabilized.
Source: Apollo Hospital, Hyderabad, Media Update

Met With a Fatal Accident 4-Year-Old Dhanyashri Comes to Consciousness with a Smile While on Her Way to Recovery

  • 4-year-old S Dhanyashri went to comatose after a man accidentally fell from his second floor balcony and landed on her as she was passing by.
  • The girl was immediately rushed to Apollo Hospital in Tondiarpet from where she was further transferred to Apollo Children’s Hospital in Greams Road, Chennai.
  • Apart from a severe head injury, she also suffered from multiple fractures in her spine and legs.
  • According to Dr. Suchitra Ranjit, senior consultant at the pediatric ICU, although she later regained consciousness she was under constant surveillance with the help of a pressure monitor fitted within her brain.
  • Her brain swelled so much so that it gradually extended into the brainstem through which the basic functions of the body, like breathing and blood circulation, are controlled unresolving which can also lead to brain death.
  • As the skull posed to be restrictive against the continuous swelling of the brain, it started to exert high brain pressure which is also known as elevated intracrannial pressure (ICP).
  • While the normal ICP is less than 15mmHg, the child’s had shot up to 36mmHg and maintained a steady increase.
  • In a three hour long surgery of decompressed craniectomy, therefore, a portion of the skull of a diameter of 8 cm was removed from her skull to relieve the pressure.
  • According Dr. Shankar, the bone is now preserved in the bone bank of the hospital under -21 degrees temperature and will be placed back to her skull once the swelling subsides.
  • For the next 2 months Dhanyashri has to wear a special medical cap to protect her scalp.
  • Apprehensive that his daughter would lose her memory, for Sridharan, half the battle was won when her daughter came to her senses post surgery and called him ‘appa’ smiling.
Source: Apollo Hospitals, Chennai, Media Update

Two Years with Incoherent Speech, 60-Year-Old Parkinson’s Disease Patient Talks Immediately after Surgery

  • Having suffered from Parkinson’s Disease for two years, 60-year-old businessman lost his mobillity and speech.
  • In his attempt to walk he had to sit down on his knees after each step; most of the times he could talk at all.
  • At Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai, after a two day surgery, sexagenarian got back his speech.
  • Doctors at the hospital claim it to be one of the rare instances in which the procedure of Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) has been able to completely bring back the abilities of speech in a patient.
  • According to director of neurosurgery, Dr. Paresh Doshi, amongst the 425 similar cases of Parkinson’s Disease he has dealt with for the past two decades it is for the first time that from completely incoherent speech, the patient achieves the ability of communication immediately after surgery.
  • The procedure of DBS continued for four to five hours for two days that enabled him to sit upright and developed his speech.
Source: Jaslok Hospital, Media Update